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**Back due to popular demand**

Online ACT Masterclass with Robyn Walser and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes

After the phenomenal success of the first ACT Masterclass with Robyn Walser and Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, they will join forces again for another exciting ACT-RFT collaboration. The resounding feedback we got from the first Masterclass was “Amazing. Please repeat this!”

Once again, in a 2-session format, Robyn will help attendees to identify ACT-based solutions to points at which they are stuck with individual clients. Participants will have opportunities to role-play these client issues with Robyn ‘acting’ as therapist. Yvonne will then offer an RFT-based process-focused analysis of the brief exchanges between Robyn and the audience-member as client.


What you will learn from this Masterclass:

  1. How to do ACT in a truly experiential and sophisticated way with a range of clients.
  2. A deeper understanding of ACT processes that will enhance your knowledge of how and when to apply them.
  3. How to interpret ACT interventions in a highly technical way, using RFT concepts.
  4. How to use RFT concepts to give you direction on your ACT interventions and increase precision, especially for complex clients.


Format: Zoom live event

Dates and Times: September 16th and 17th, 2021 at 8-11 am (PDT)/5-8 pm (CET)

Recording Available: The two sessions will be recorded and will be available for participants to view for one month following the second session of the Masterclass.

Price: €170 for the early bird sign-up prior to May 1st; € 230 is full-price from May 1st.

Factor Psy is a CRKBO-registered educational institution. This means that the workshop is exempt from VAT.

Only limited places are available!

More about the Trainers:

Yvonne Barnes-Holmes:

Robyn Walser:

Target audience: This workshop is suited for mental health professionals

Study load: 6h over two days.

Study material: None

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Annulment:You can cancel free of charge within the first 14 days after registering. Payment makes the registration as a participant final and secures your place in the workshop. If not cancelled within 14 day after registration, paymentconditions apply. For the full cancellation policy in Dutch, click here. If an English translation is required, please contact Factor Psy. Participants agree to these conditions when they register for the workshop.