Mastering the Heart of the Therapeutic Relationship

by Yvonne Barnes-Holmes, Ciara McEnteggart and Lieve Bruyninx

This 3-day workshop is being offered to frontline mental health professionals striving to master the therapeutic relationship. The workshop will highlight three core facets of the therapeutic relationship: 1. Teaching therapists to operate from a grounded self-position during the unfolding of the therapeutic relationship; 2. Creating opportunities to influence the perspective the therapist is offering to the client; and 3. Facilitating clients to operate from an on-going grounded self-position. The workshop will also teach therapists to appreciate and harness the complexities and dynamics of these multiple psychological positions. At a broader level, the workshop will develop the therapist’s awareness of the obstructive and facilitative influence of the client’s current and historical context. The workshop will focus on enhancing the therapist’s skills using multiple teaching methods, such as modelling and experiential exercises.

Time: August, 27-28-29 2020, each day from 10.00h till 17.00h

Location: ONLINE

Target audience: This workshop is suited for mental health professionals

Study load: 18h (the workshop itself).

Study material: None

Price:  € 650 (early bird, untill July 15th); € 800 (normal, from July 16th)

Factor Psy is a CRKBO-registered educational institution. This means that the workshop is exempt from VAT.

Registration: Register here. You can register untill August 15th 2020.

Annulment: You can cancel free of charge in the first 14 days after registering via fikket. For the full cancellation policy in Dutch, click. If an English translation is required, please contact Factor Psy. Participants agree to these conditions when they register for the workshop.